Sunday, February 28, 2016

a Dream of Time

We are born into an hourglass, a structure of time
For a moment there is no sand around us
But the colorless sand transformed into our cage.
As we take our first breath
The universe is transparent, boundless.
We enter into our own time
The count starts, sand lands on our heads
Shocked, we cry, trapped, cold, alone.
The grains fall around us, they become familiar
We use them, become comfortable in them
As it falls we assume new sand will always fall
So we can keep building our sandcastles…
Some become aware of our imprisonment
Some attempt to escape early
Rushing Jumping Building Steps
Up towards the fall of sand
The movement looks to show only one way out
Choking, suicidal, some get stuck in the rush of time
But spirits cannot move from the stream until the grains have all fallen through…
For the rest, when the grains run out, for a moment there is peace
A clear path for spirit to leap into the empty chamber above
Leaving our bodies below.
Spirit can float free without time
Until inertia turns the hourglass over and we begin again
The dust from our old lives mixing with time
Pouring over us again, old patterns and habits
While our spirit remembers only love and wisdom
It begs to be heard through the noise from the fall
There is a spirit that remembers its nature is pure light
And for the joy of it
The joy alone
The spirit embraces its light nature
Floating free between turns of the glass
Illusion is banished
And light passes through glass
There comes a choice
To be light inside time
Or to be light outside time
And then

To return to time as light?