Friday, May 9, 2014


There is a poet that lives above my heart
who sometimes makes the journey to my mind to help me write.
though she rarely speaks in complete sentences,
she is always there, translating the world to me.
on normal days it is a word here and there, but sometimes,
When my eyes catch something beautiful,
she holds my breath for me in her hands while she sings.
on full moon nights, she paces back and forth in my mind,
restless and drunk on moonlight,
spouting insight or nonsense.
When my heart breaks,
she falls deep into the cracks,
poems tumbling whole out of her mouth
as she cries with me and fights not to drown.
When love overflows from the heart beneath her feet
she smiles out of my eyes so I smile with her smile
and her home becomes as beautiful as the world she sees.

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