Monday, July 7, 2014


addiction             habit            compulsion            dependence            craving                        infatuation

identifying with thoughts
defining and putting parts of the world
into organized boxes of concepts
imagining we will be more complete
if we could possess more
avoiding the emptiness

everyone’s mind decides good or bad
no one’s mind does not say I want this and not that

but when we pick a rock from the stream
bring it closer
judge it in more detail
we notice flaws, darkness
we see it is just as bright as the last pebble
and believe another shimmering jewel
farther on in the stream
will be more beautiful
will add to our store of loveliness

and so what we yearned for and finally possessed
is instantly relegated to the past
discarded back into the stream
to the category of known and boring
and the mind searches outward again
engaging its radar for that which resembles the past
still safe but seems different
still triggering a kind of pleasure or pain
that has been experienced before

we keep circling the abyss
with eyes turned outward
not noticing our wings
denying our ability to fly

throwing images onto a tiny screen
grasping and analyzing
each flash each dust mote
faster and faster to keep ourselves distracted

when behind us inside us the void is open
yawning and patient
waiting for when we will turn off the screens
put down the stories
stop the work we don’t enjoy
finish wanting to change others
cease groping outside for love
and finally turn inside to see truth

diving off the edge
trusting the wings we have forgotten
gently dissolving and expanding
into that which has no name